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Cats vs. Pickles Gold Series: Gumbo

April 9, 2023.

Cats vs. Pickles is a series of blind bag beanbag plushie toys themed after the namesake cats and pickles. I don't know the lore of this series, or why the factions have come into conflict, but none of that really matters to me, since I just like smacking and squishing this stupid pink thing. I really like it a lot.

The fabric is soft, and the pink patterns are printed onto it, and the white base of the fabric sometimes shows through the pink print. Its face and paws are embroidered neatly. This particular cat is also a shrimp, so it has antennae and a shrimpy tail sewn on.
This bean bag is one of my favorite things that I bought during the winter holiday season. I love squeezing it and throwing it at things. The weight of it seems just about right, and it makes a satisfying noise when the beans are jostled inside. A concerted effort was made at the store to rifle through the bags of Cats and Pickles, feverishly we sought the shrimp, feeling for the tail and antennas through the packaging. I had no interest in owning any of the other cats. The designs are generally "cute," but some of the pickles are gross looking (in my opinion). That's of little consequence to me, as the shrimp cat is an immaculate vision of perfection, as far as these bag creatures go.