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LOL OMG Double Feature

August 7, 2023.

LOL Surprise is a hugely popular and successful doll line that first released in late 2016. Plastic baby dolls in cute fashions come packaged in surprise capsules, so the doll and the acessories are a mystery to the recipient. In 2019, fashion dolls based on the LOL surprise line were revealed and released, featuring cloth clothing, brushable hair, and a new large size. These dolls, too, proved to be a huge success, and shook up the fashion doll market. Their outfits are known for being highly detailed, high quality, and having pretty interesting, novel designs.
I have a handful of LOL OMG dolls, but I am not super enthusiastic about the line. Their faces are a bit weird to me, but I understand their appeal. Recently, I purchased Metal Chick secondhand and Gamma Babe new and was really impressed by the quality of the construction and designs. These dolls tend to come with a stand and comb, and sometimes come with a second outfit or themed gimmick accessory.

Metal Chick is suuuper cute, I am missing her corset and stand, but her design still looks good without it. I like the contrast between the extremely delicate, frilly skirt and her cute tied up hair, and her intense metallic sleeves. The sleeves are covered in some crunchy-looking beads and have a harness strap with a spiky O-ring holding it together in the middle. I like her dark makeup and spiderweb stockings, too. There are a lot of contrasting textures and patterns in this design that are interesting to look at. She's really cute. I'm a bit bummed I missed out on her new, but I don't mind getting her secondhand. Still great.

Gamma Babe is really fantastic. Extremely high quality construction on the clothes and the design is amazing. I love both of her glasses, but her weird spaceship HUD visor is definitely my favorite, and it's bold to have a glasses design that covers her entire face. I love her shiny, metallic mantle and sleeves, and her bright blue plasticy clothes. Very sci-fi, but still cute and silly. Her pigtails are immaculately curled and gelled, but they're a bit lopsided out of the box. Her second outfit includes a purple jacket with a real, working zipper, and some tiny silver shorts. Very impressive quality for a playline doll. This doll originally sold at a higher price point than the typical releases because she was a part of the "Movie Magic" line, which had boxes that doubled as a playset/gimmick experience. The higher price point probably mostly went into the fantastic clothes that this doll came with. These dolls are now hitting clearance at lots of stores. A fantastic addition to my collection. I love this doll.