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3" G5 Brushables

July 14, 2022.

The G5 ponies in this review are characters from the newest My Little Pony Movie.
The orange pony is Sunny Starscout and the pink one is Pipp Petals.
The two ponies come from a set called "Unicorn Party Celebration," which includes 3 other ponies and 10 accessories.

These ponies were bought second-hand and lack their friends and accessories.

Both have sparkly hair with tinsel, as do the other ponies with long hair in the set.

Though I quite enjoyed the style and character designs of the ponies in the New Generation movie, I don't think their charms are accurately represented by these toys.
They have long, skinny limbs, and small, inorganic looking heads.
Their faces are made unsettling as their eyes are printed on the front of their heads, rather than on the sides.
Pipp's pegasus wings are folded up and wholly unexciting.

I do like that their heads can be tilted and moved in any direction, but I'm not sure that I would prefer this function over a cuter look.
I also like their sculpted furry hooves. It's a cute touch.

I don't think these toys do the character's designs justice, or make for good My Little Pony toys.
They lack the sweetness that the releases of past generations have.
Many of the issues from the original G4 toyline seem to hold over to these brushables--
limited, unexpressive poses and a general extreme abstraction from what a horse is.

There are other releases aside from these small brushables, including larger brushables and ponies with articulated limbs.
Perhaps those have some more nice qualities, but as it stands, the G5 toys are a bit disappointing.
They seem to represent a trend that has been present for some time in My Little Pony:
A shift away from creating original characters to populate the toyline in favor of building up a select few characters with distinct personalities for frequent rereleases.
Only the future can tell how the line will fare.