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Gi Go Unicorn Family

July 18, 2022.

This unicorn family might remind you of the Family Horse Playset! They are very similar.

I found them second-hand, and they have some wear from play. However, they are still a lovely little family.

The biggest pony is a worm pony! What a delight. She has fluffy, curly hair in a nice bright color.
She is larger than the pink worm pony and the worm pony from the Family Horse Playset.
I like her bee cutie mark, very cute! These ponies also have neat, colorful eyeliner.

She has a stamp on her back leg. She also has a hoof mark denoting Gi Go mold L-16-B1

The next biggest pony has some marks on her. She has a nice red and purple color scheme and a cute bird cutie mark.
She has mold 3-16-B1 scratched into her hoof and the same Gi Go stamp as the big pony on her leg.

The second-smallest pony has a flower cutie mark and has a high contrast blue and yellow color scheme.
S-09-B1 is written on her foot.

The smallest pony is pink and blue with a star-shaped cutie mark. What could it mean?
She's marked with G-10-B1 on her hoof.

The unicorn family is very cute, all with curly hair and made-up faces. How glamorous.