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September 2, 2022.

Of course... "Sparkle Girlz Baby Unicorn Horse Pony & Animal Doll..."

Sparkle Girlz is a toyline produced by Zuru that seems to focus mainly on fashion dolls for young children. Normal, Princess, and Fairy dolls populate the Sparkle Girlz lineup.
There are a few types of ponies that brandish the Sparkle Girlz name, from a realistic pegasus companion, to unicorns similar to those presented today with moveable legs.
These ponies and other Sparkle Girlz items are sold at WalMart and can be found on Amazon.

I found two unarticulated unicorns at the thrift store-- one white with purple hair, and one pink with blue hair.
The Sparkle Girlz Unicorns have strange, human-like hairlines that tresspass far into the territory of the forehead and side of the face.
They have unpainted, molded-on shoes with a scalloped design and little bow details on the front.

They both have large, cartoonish, purple eyes and painted horns.

Despite their strange anatomy, they're cute. Their big eyes are interesting and they have a lot of long, brushable hair.