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Mini World Magic Crystal Keychain Izzy Moonbow (2022)

September 13, 2022.

Yes, Izzy again! She's so cute and purple! This time, she's tiny too!
Mini World is one of the more recent additions to the G5 toy lineup. It features several miniature playsets with a tiny pony figurines.
They are meant to be connected to each other using little plug-in bridges.

Izzy came in non-plastic packaging (yay!) which I destroyed immediately like a silly goose.

Mini Izzy comes with a dresser, bed, hedgehog companion, butterfly, crystal, necklace and flower.
All the items can be placed inside the little purple container. The dark purple plastic is translucent, and you can close the capsule and use it as a keychain.
You can place furniture and accessories on the pegs on the floor of the capsule, and Izzy's hoof is meant to fit into the horseshoe shaped receptacle.
Interestingly, the colors of the accessories that came in the package don't match the items in the photos.

Izzy is really cute. Nauseatingly so. She's also really tiny!

I think it's a cute little thing. It would be easy to compare Mini World to Polly Pocket or other micro playsets, which would be a fair comparison.
However, Mini World isn't My Little Pony's first go at miniature playsets.
Petite Ponies were tiny ponies from the time of G1. They also had tiny houses and fun places to hang out in.

Some of the tiny ponies had brushable tails, and there were even unlicensed reproductions of these mini ponies in Europe.

I like this item. I'm not huge on the little accessories. It's a cheap toy, but it would be nice if they had as much care put into them as Izzy got.
It's really undeniably cute, though! Sometimes thats all it takes for me! Though I won't be using it like a keychain (as intended), I will be staring into Izzy's tiny world like a huge monster frequently.