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Alicorn Rarity Plushie

July 18, 2023.

This is one of the few unofficial items I had actively sought out to purchase. I saw a version of this plush, or a similar plushie, in a Chinese ad entirely unrelated to the plushie or even My Little Pony. It was a large plushie of the charater, Rarity as a prop in the foreground. This plushie was around 2 or 3 feet long, and featured wings, which Rarity in the show does not have. After seeing her, I wanted to find her. Eventually, I did, but this plush is much smaller than the one I saw in the ad.

This plush is well made, with some small strings sticking out here and there. Notably, she has big, lumpy wings, and long indigo and purple hair. The hair seems extremely long and was maybe intended to be posed in a way that resembles the cartoon Rarity's hair, but it seems hard to get it to behave. She has huge eyes taking up most of her face, blue eyeshadow, and long eyelashes embroidered on. She has a cutie mark on one side of her body. She's able to stand on her own.
For an unlicensed plushie, it's cute, and maybe even superior to some of the official plushies of G4 characters. The shop I bought it from had other non-canon G4 plushies. One set I recall featured the G4 main cast in winter clothes.
I'm not entirely sure this is the same plushie I saw in the original ad that inspired my search, but she's cute and a bit unusual. She almost seems like some kind of bird or fish, somehow.