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Basic Fun Celestial Ponies: Aurora

August 19, 2023.

Announced at the 2022 Toy Fair, the Basic Fun Celestial Ponies were a highly-anticipated release that finally hit online marketplaces in August 2023. The Celestial Ponies are made in the style of G1 MLP, but with never-before-seen designs featuring swirling patterns on their bodies and a celestial themed head ornament. This is a first in the line of Basic Fun ponies-- all prior releases have been re-runs of existing ponies. The Celestial Ponies, though, are based on previously unproduced designs from the G1 era. In 2023, these ponies finally see the light of day.

The pony came in a very nice collector's box with some great art on the back and photos of all the ponies on the side. The other side has a window (not pictured). There's some shiny, gold text and ornament designs that makes the whole thing look a bit more premium. The box has a little cardboard handle with the rainbow MLP logo on it. Very nice!

Aurora is a fantastic pony! Her body is vivid pink and she sports intense blue hair with a baby blue hair ornament and ribbon. Her eyes are bright green. Aurora is in the Posey pose (my favorite!) and has pale pink stripes swirling across her body. Her cutie mark is several moons and small planets orbiting a large blue ringed planet.

My pony has a few smears on her stripes and some tiny defects on her cutie mark. It still looks great despite the minor flaws. I love this pony! The hair feels like nice quality, and the pony's design is strong. In my opinion, the Posey pose was a great choice to show off the interesting swirls all over the body. I like the high contrast between the blues of her hair and details against her pink body. There are 3 other Celestial Ponies which are nice, but Aurora is by far my favorite. I would love to see some more unique releases in the style of G1 and more high-quality pony releases like this one. The Celestial Ponies seem like a good tribute to G1 as well as a nice new release for kids and collectors to enjoy.