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Hairy Spider

October 11, 2023.

This black, fuzzy spider is, to me, the "classic" Halloween spider. In the grand scheme of Halloween decorations, this spider is furnished simply: eight legs, a fuzzy coat, and two beady, red eyes. The legs are made in a material that hold their shape when bent, allowing the owner to perch the spider as they please in their Halloween ensemble. It has a body with two segments, its furry head about half the length of its abdomen. The spider's pedicel has a ribbon wrapped around it, probably to attach a tag to.

The spider is impressively large, its leg span around 4 feet wide when stretched out. It's hard to find the creature intimidating when it has such a cute face, though. The fur makes the animal look more substantial from a distance, but also has the effect of making it appear more cuddly. This is a classic, well-rounded spider: large, furry, and charming in its simplicity. An archetypal Halloween spider.