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Remco Pretty Pets Pony (1989)

July 31, 2022.

In the late 80s, Remco produced a line of animal toys with brushable hair called Pretty Pets. Various animal shapes were made-- from dogs, cats, and of course, ponies.
The Pretty Pets pony lineup included earth ponies, unicorns, donkeys, and even sea ponies.
There are a couple different types of Remco ponies with different heads, eye styles, and hoof paint styles.

This white earth pony was a lucky find at the thrift store. Her hoof says 1989, and she is in far from ideal condition.
Despite the shape she's in, a Remco pony is a nice thrift store find! They are well known in the fakie community, probably because they're so cute!
There are even fakie Remco ponies that reproduce the Remco style ponies.

The pony is missing a stripe of orange hair in her mane, which is something I've seen in pictures of Remco ponies online.
Some hair used for brushable toys can be more or less prone to disintegration or breakage than other types or colors of hair.

She has a hard body and frizzy hair, as well as what looks like a facial scar.