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Cutie Mark Magic Izzy Moonbow (2022)

September 11, 2022.

"What?! Izzy again?!" Of course. She's the cutest G5 pony.

Izzy Moonbow is a little purple fellow that is one of the main characters in G5 of the My Little Pony Franchise.
It feels like G5 releases are slowly crawling along. It has been nearly a year since the movie came out, and it seems like most of the releases are more of the same with varying details.
Since I'm not interested in the larger 6" ponies, I have been watching the small brushable releases.
The stocks of MLP toys at my local stores have been lacking, though. Could this be a sign of something...? Probably.

Some of current My Little Pony toy boxes are plastic-free, which seems like a good thing to be-- but that doesn't change that the Little Ponies themselves are chunks of plastic that will one day rot in a pile of garbage.

I like the box! It's nice to see and touch the exact toy you get, as some of the face printing can be really crooked. If one is a discerning pony fan, that tangibility could help in deciding which pony to get. It does seem the box is pretty big compared to the actual contents of the package, though.

Izzy has molded hair in the front and a brushable tail in the back. As usual, she's really cute! This Izzy has articulated legs and unpainted hooves.
The little boxes are actually capsules containing all the accessories Izzy comes with.
Cutie Mark Magic Izzy is similar to the Crystal Adventure Izzy that I've previously written about. That Izzy, too, had molded hair with purple accents at the tips.
This Izzy's hair seems more transluscent and a less shimmery than the other's. CMM Izzy also has a hole on one of her flanks, where you can plug in one of the little charms she comes with as a cutie mark.

Izzy comes with a lot of little accessories, including plug-in charms, a purple headband, glasses, a palette, paintbrush and easel, a painting of her friends, and a box of... food?
The box is molded with a pony on it!

I don't know how I feel about the brushable tail. I think that it's sad to see MLP move away from brushables, but the molded hair looks way better on the G5 ponies. The hair quality also leaves something to be desired.
Another drawback to the brushable tail is that she is front-heavy due to the molded hair. She falls forwards often.

One of the main things the original creators were adamant about while creating MLP was that the Ponies had brushable hair. It was important to them that My Little Ponies were dolls, just in horse shapes.
But, if brushable hair isn't really working out, it isn't the end of My Little Pony. It's only natural for a toyline to evolve over time.

It seems like people online are generally approving of the Meet the Mane Five set, which have glittery molded hair and 3D cutie marks, which I might have to check out.

Yay! Izzy is cute!