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Small Ponies: The Fuzzy Twins

July 1, 2022.

These diminutive horses came to me from the thrift store.

You might notice their big, frizzy hair. Both of them at one point had hair so matted that it was a single large clump. Now, a comb can be run through it. Though they might not be show stoppers, they are sweet little ponies.

These ponies seem to harken to G1 baby ponies. Proportionally, they are a bit smaller than any G1 baby My Little Pony.

Their cutie marks are a charming and malformed little strawberry and... something.

Interestingly, these ponies' tails are rooted like My Little Pony tails. There is one large hole in their backside where a single lock of hair is run through, and kept from falling out by some kind of stopper object inside the pony.
An oft-observed phenomena in G1 ponies are rusty backsides, since the stopper used to hold the tail in place is a metal washer.
Many fakies seem to have rumps that are furnished with lots of holes in a circular pattern where many little locks are plugged in to create their tail, like how their manes tend to be.