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Flowing Fabric Spider

October 21, 2023.

You may think, upon first glance, "what is that? Some kind of slug?" But this spider may surprise you.

Unfurling its bundle of legs, the spider reveals 8 ghostly tendrils, fluttering in black, sheer fabric.

It's hard to describe the true essence of this spider. It has the same tick-esque body as the Curly Spider, but uses a vastly different method of locomotion, apparently. This is another Target spider, perhaps explaining its body appearing so similar to the Curly Spider's. Its body has a plastic loop on it to allow for suspension of the spider from the wall or ceiling. It is impossible to ignore the spider's 8, long, phantasmal legs, which according to the product description, can be laid out to give the spider a width of 245 inches (over 20 feet), which is huge! Each leg has a loop on it, so it can be hung up, allowing the leg to gracefully drape down towards the floor. Its legs are impressively long and voluminous in comparison to its small body, which is alike in size to the Curly Spider's.
This spider is incredible. It shocked me when I first saw it. I have never seen a spider like it before, with its bizarre concept, and unusual proportions. Its legs are ghostly and elegant, and its body is so small and fat, like a tick's. It's really cute and strange. Thank you Flowing Fabric Spider.